Army of dancing robots queue politely to get their clamps on the iPhone 7 - CNET - bonafeed

Want to experience the thrill of standing in a queue for the new iPhone 7, but without the downsides, like standing in a queue? Now a dancing robot can do it...

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iPhone 7 faces Aussie surf test at Bondi Beach | Cult of Mac - bonafeed

Just how good is the iPhone 7 waterproofing? Apple calls it "water-resistant" but this iPhone surf test at Bondi Beach is very impressive.

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Yazidis recall genocide at hands of ISIS troops who raped and forced them to convert | World | News | Daily Express - bonafeed

A YAZIDI family said that twisted ISIS soldiers beheaded children after sexually abusing young girls in a chilling description of the genocidal horrors under...

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For illegal pilgrims in Mecca, God - bonafeed

MINA, SAUDI ARABIA Fear of getting caught is not enough to deter Abu Ahmed and up to 200,000 other illegal pilgrims from attending this year's haj in Mecca,...

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One of Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones loves itself a good, gory death scene. Aside from “tits and dragons,” as Ian McShane once put it, they’re practically GoT’s raison d’etre....

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Priscilla Shunmugam discusses the evolution of Ong Shunmugam - LifestyleAsia Singapore - bonafeed

SubscribeEnter your email to get the latest news from Lifestyle Asia delivered weekly into your inbox!STAY INTHE KNOWEnter your email to get the latest news...

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Drama at Horace Greeley High School -- The Cut - bonafeed

A longtime Chappaqua theater teacher is accused of abusing students for years, until one told the police.

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2 Instagram di Antara Drama Keluarga Mario Teguh - News - bonafeed

Ario Kiswinar muncul secara tiba-tiba dan mengaku sebagai putra kandung Mario Teguh, sang motivator kondang.

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HEBOH DI MEDSOS! Wanita Ini Pakai Kain Transparan Saat Salat Idul Adha - - bonafeed

Puluhan netizen dibuat terheran-heran dengan foto seorang wanita berambut panjang, yang baru saja melaksanakan salat Idul Adha.

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Dua Santri yang Hanyut Saat Mencuci Daging Kurban Ditemukan Tewas - - bonafeed

Komandan Basarnas Jawa Tengah, Heri Sunandar, mengatakan, kedua remaja tersebut ditemukan sudah dalam kondisi meninggal dunia.

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Hajj 2016: Pilgrims gather at Mount Arafat for key rite - News from Al Jazeera - bonafeed

Most Searched11 Sep 2016 16:40 GMTHajj 2016, Saudi Arabia, ReligionNearly two million Muslims have gathered in the vast Saudi plain of Mount Arafat for the...

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Megyn Kelly wardrobe malfunction resulting in blurred vag - bonafeed

Megyn Kelly wardrobe malfunction was a fortunate event as she was changing the leg position, her blurred lady parts were caught on camera.

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